Fortress Town Groenlo

The historic cradle of Havezate Marveld.

Groenlo (Grol and Grolle) originated in the early seventh century. History has left its mark in the center of the city and beyond. Its moat and pleasant streets make for lovely strolling and exploring what the city has experienced over the years past. You will find cannons, fortifications and taste the atmosphere of yesteryear.

Groenlo formed in the 16th and 17th centuries a strong fortress, which as a border city was repeatedly besieged, especially during the Eighty Years War. In 1627 Frederik Hendrik recaptured Groenlo from the Spaniards during the Battle of Grolle. This historic event is re-enacted in a major recurring event. The next edition of this historic event will take place in 2024.

At the spot where once stood the ancient manor Marveld, aparthotel Havezate Marveld has risen with a clear reference to the history of the estate from a bygone era. Entirely appropriate in the reliving of Fortress Town Groenlo.

Interested in the eventful history of Groenlo? The Groenlo Vestingstad Express guides you along major hotspots in the city and surrounding areas. An ideal way to get acquainted with Groenlo and the Achterhoek landscape.